· . · Using the small modifications, we can

Sub cooling
has done by using the heat exchangers by flowing the fluid in the sub cooler
and refrigerant in the condenser (What
aspects of the project/program/initiative are to be evaluated?)

 and the sub cooling effect is more when        the ambient temperature is high. Due to subcooling the refrigerant will be in
a liquid state which tends to prevent the flash gas formation at the throttle

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refrigerant charge is less for eco friendly refrigerants. COP will increase up to certain
refrigerant charge for maximum effectiveness .

Using the small modifications, we can see a
large amount of variation in the performance of the system some of them are

a)  Using
the PCM on the back side of the evaporator.

b)Using the hydrophobic materials to
eliminate the ice formation to most extent.

c) Mixing of refrigerants.

COP is
high when the energy consumption is less.

Cooling load of the system changes from time
to time, this cooling load has no impact on the compressor work.

1.1       Gaps in the Literature

Experiments are done for only low size application system, while
analysis has to be done for high size applications.

Only some of the Eco-friendly refrigerants are analysed like R600a and
R290, There are other refrigerants which are more eco friendly.

Sub cooling is done by using liquid suction heat exchanger, There are
other methods where sub cooling can be made.

All the tests for refrigerants are carried in different compressors for
a system.

Hydrate based refrigeration system can be analysed.

1.2       Objectives of the Work


(Insert additional rows as necessary)

To improve cop of  vapour compression refrigerant system by
using eco friendly refrigerants

Testing different refrigerants by
using single compressor in the system

sub cooling in a different method and study the performance of the system.