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Screen Writing













Research Based Learning




       My career that
I’m wanting to do is film directing and screenwriting, although writing a story
is hard to do cause telling someone the story line of the film is easier because
its much more descriptive. Screenwriting is one of the hardest, but easiest
jobs to have for a couple of reasons. There are people in this world that have
a writer’s mind and it will come to them easy, but for some they have a
writer’s block, and lots of famous people have it also. When writing a movie or
album it is hard to come up with a story line, but for some they just get away
from reality to find what story they can write in a couple of pages or ideas
they can come up with.

      A lot of people think that making a movie is
easy. When really it is really hard to do cause the first thing you need is the
idea of what your movie going to be about, but you have to be organized in
order for your film to be successful. When you write a movie you need to think
about yourself like is this something I would be interested in because if you
like that story then you should be happy with what you have and then work your
way through out the movie. Someone that had this same struggle is Robert
Rodriquez, if you don’t know who that is he is the man that directed, and
co-write the movie “From Dusk till Dawn”, and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”. His
ideas were crazy at first to some people, but as time went on he decided to go
with that because it was his productions. But something that is complicated
from writing a script in the movie industry is drawing out the storyboards
exactly the way you want them drawn. A storyboard for making a movie is kind of
useless, but if there is an artist that can draw then I would bring him to the
board so they I can explain him the scenes of what is happening and the
dramatic effect of that scene.

    Someone that
inspired me to become a film maker cause of the creativity that this person had
on movies, and his own creations was James Cameron. I remember when I was ten
years old; it was a Saturday morning on December 18, 2009 in Odessa. My
parent’s and I didn’t know else to do so they asked me “Would you like to go
the movies”, and I was like “Sure”. From their we went to the theater in the
mall and my parents wanted to watch the movie “Avatar” and after we got our
popcorn and drinks we enter the theater to a full crowd of people. The seats
that we wanted were on the top, but they were all full so we had to sit in the
middle row with a lot of people. The first thought that popped into my mind was
that these people are going to be loud and annoying, but when the lights went
down everyone went quiet like if God himself just walked into the room at first
I didn’t know why everyone was so quiet and focused on the movie until the real
cinematic scenes of the movie started. It was then I realized that I wanted to
do movies for a living, at first I asked myself how would your parents feel
about this because this is something your going to be doing until you die.

      Do you need a
degree to make movies? No, you don’t need one to make it, but if you want to be
more professional with it then you would have to get a bachelor’s degree in the
science of film, which means you know cinematography, screenwriting, and
editing I you want the experience.  Experience is an important
component. Film directors usually spent years in the field of acting, writing,
and journalism.



       What is film directing, and what is the
difference? A director is somebody that is in charge of making sure that every
scene, and component of the movie runs smoothly and has a good understanding of
the movie or short-film. Generally, directors work on the movie from the
beginning till the end of the were the movie is in its finalization process to
were they have a test screen. Which they would bring a handful of people to
rate or critic the movie of the quality, story plot, and editing if its
animated. Now mostly their job is to see what props can they use in the movie,
and how their used, also they tell the actors how the character’s dress, and
how they should look, and how they would play specific parts of the movie.

Directors also work with the other producers, make-up artist, and others to sit
down with them and write the storyboards, the scenery of the movie, but most
importantly telling the others were they are going to film the movie. There are
three main phases to making a movie which is pre-production, production and
post-production, but the director doesn’t have to work on the post- production.

Now what is the difference between a film director and a producer? The director
controls the storyboards art of film and the dramatic parts, and visuals of the
script while guiding the actors, and crew in the director’s vision of the film.

Now a producer controls, and supervises the funding, distributes, and hiring
people that will help make the movie. The producer is also in charge of the
trailers, and lots that are rented by the studios, and they make sure that the
actors, and crew are satisfied with what they have in their trailers, and other
things if necessary.


Film directors are very artistic with what they do and their view of how
they make their art, just like a music artist directors are the same way,
because they plan out their film, and they make sure their story is told, and
why they do it if needed. Director’s are one of the happiest careers to ever
have and do. A director makes a estimate of $86,000 a year, but that can grow
if you make Oscar winning movies, Steven Spielberg is the highest paid
directors in the world with $4 billion dollars a year.

     Overall, being a film
director will be one of the enjoyable careers that I think will be satisfied
with me. It may be hard at the beginning to make it to the film industry, but
at least there are other platforms to show off you projects until you can get
noticed by big movie industry’s, but something that is hard now to find is
finding a collage that has the degree that I’m wanting to pursue. Unfortnaly
and exciting, I applied to a school that provides this degree, and also you can
get a hands on experience with an actual movie set to see how they work. I’m
excited to get to work with my passion project’s for 2018 hopefully it will be
enough to get attention by anybody that’s in film. Something first I’m going to
do is acting and that is something I’ve been doing and working on for the past
three years and hopefully when I move I will get a chance to be apart for a
movie or TV series.